Tuesday, September 2, 2008

need a M2MG fix anyone???

I'm not a texter but I have decoded many of the shortcut acronyms out there! I don't have an iphone or any of the fancy gadgets for me to stay 100% in touch. What I have seems to be working for me but I have learned a little of the shorthand! Do you ever see these acronyms folks use and have not a clue what they mean? We have a few in the sewing world we use when listing our goodies. OOAK......any guesses? One of a Kind and then there is the popular M2M. Because of the laws protecting the rights of the companies, you can't actually use their name in your listing so creating an item that's intended to match something from Gymboree doesn't give you the right to use their name. In fact, it gives ebay the right to shut your auction down. The workaround? well, most designers will use the acronym in this case to be M2MG which stands for made to match Gymboree and then include the line name you are matching. My girls are leaving the Gymboree world for the most part but every now and then I find myself wandering through, especially since they caught my eye with a new coupon! I've decided I'm working on a few M2M tiered twirl skirts that will be heading to ebay soon and here's a sneak peek at my first idea. Here it is in it's raw form, my highly technical way of piecing together fabrics to work with a tee that's not in my hands just yet. Gotta love the computer! tell me whatcha think! I'm a blog ho, I admit it, I wanna hear whatcha think so wander down to the comment section and tell me which one you like best!

In our house, we also love, love, love the Gap. They've stepped it up this year and I can't seem to get enough of this new BOHO line. I love the denim skirts they made but I decided I needed to play with a M2M twirl skirt to match the Boho owl. Again, here I am at the beginning stages with the colors I'm thinking for this cute owl.


Heidi said...

IMO I like the second combo. I'm not a huge argyle fan ( but that's just me)I love the top layer of pink in the Gap skirt though :) JMO ;)

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