Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??

Boy do I love it when I hear those familiar sounds on TV indicating that it's football season and I especially love COLLEGE football. This year I thought it'd be fun to try something with a twist blending Fall design with some collegiate tie ins. Kids are huge fans too, so why not grab something fun for them to wear! Here are a couple pieces for the Longhorn or the Aggie fan. I never thought I'd take time out of my day creating something for our friends over at Texas A&M but I checked my ego at the door and I have to say, this was a super fun shoot with the girls. To see all the photos is to know how many 100's of longhorns and/or gig 'em thumbs were thrown by both throughout these pictures. If you're not an Aggie fan, I even think that piece would coordinate perfect for you Oklahoma Sooners, the Alabama Crimson Tide and many other schools. This was loads of fun, who knows, maybe some more color themes will pop up for schools! The pieces will be added shortly to my Etsy store and can easily be worn throughout the Fall season whether you want pictures in the Autumn leaves or photos at Thanksgiving. We may have paired them with college tees in these pics but you can match them however you fancy. The colors truly represent the season right in front of us. Full album of pictures are being added today with the rest of the photos on Facebook.

The skirt with a dark cranberry center does have a coordinating knot dress that goes with it if you have sisters to match. Thank you to Kristen from Kristen Duke Photography for taking some gorgeous shots for me. I've had this lucky opportunity to continue to meet amazingly talented folks here in the Austin area. Love your work Kristin! Check out her daughter, isn't she precious?