Monday, August 31, 2009

This gave me a chuckle!!

Thank you so much to Cara out there on the internet who sent me this kind note via Etsy. Not sure where my brain was this day but it sure did make me laugh at myself not thinking this one through.

" I wanted to tell you that a Peace sign has the center line that goes all the way down to the bottom...The way you have it now is the Mercedes car symbol..."

Okay so I'm annoyed at myself that I have to do a re-do of my tee and more importantly, grab my often non-compliant kiddo for some new photos but such is life right? roll with the punches as I hadn't intended on selling the "Benz loving girls applique tees" I didn't love the photos anyway. We were in front of this super reflective background but it was the spot of bribery for my kiddos so it was where we had ended up and I know now, it won't be a spot we use again for pics. Not the end of the world, it's a simple re-do and it'll be back with some new and improved photos of the "REAL" Peace Out set. On that note, peace out, have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Limited Edition

I've been digging through my fabrics for the upcoming Fall season and went back to an old favorite and redid it this year in a twirl skirt. This fabric has long since been retired and you can't find it anywhere, so if you like it, grab it HERE as I can only make so many. If your daughter has one of those BIG personalities, these skirts are a perfect mate. Lots of fun to wear, sure to make her twirl and certain to make people look!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes it feels good to get the Boot!

Wow, I never thought those words would leave my mouth! In this case, it's the Golden Boot for winning Critics Choice, Best Childrens Designer. Austin Fashion Week has been over for a few weeks now but we went on a little family vacation so I had to wait to get my Golden Boot. It finally arrived today and I'm searching for a spot for it in my office. I'll consider it my little inspiration piece to stare at as I figure out where I'm going with things. Wish I had a pair, I'd kick up my heels and wear them around town!! Gold is back in style right?