Saturday, August 30, 2008

Texas Fight - Go Longhorns!!!!

Well, if you don't know the Texas football anthem, then you don't understand why I start by saying Texas Fight!!!! It's how the song goes, ......and it's goodbye to A&M!!!! It's so good to be back living in Texas, in Longhorn Country. When I say Longhorn country, you can't get any closer than this. We actually live in a section of our neighorhood which is the UT Golf Club. For golf fans like my hubby, it's Nirvana, the amazing course and the first class facilities they have for the golfers. Last night marked the beginning of the Football season up here. Every Friday night before a Texas home game, the club hosts a massive tailgate party and you've never seen a larger collection of burnt orange clothing in one area. After all, we breed them to play football here in the south so a big party is always in order! Saturday is the big day for the game against Florida. Not to be left out, the kiddos all get dressed for the part as well. Customs for the girls naturally! Apparently we've done some growing since last year so larger shirts will need to be assembled for the next party but for now, these sufficed! Even though the highlights of the party for the kids are the snowcones, balloon artist and face painter, they did love seeing the official BEVO. The UT mascot made his way to the party and T was enamored with a real longhorn. He's seen many longhorn insignias and shapes, never the real thing. He kept asking to go see "Bo" again. I always love how the 3yr old brain scrambles words to be what they want to say. We can call him Bo for now.

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Heidi said...

LOVE it !!!!!!! Love seeing your kids all together. It always makes me smile to see L. because that's what my M. will look like in a year, hair cut, face shape :) Have load of fun !!!!