Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Simple Project - Decorating with BOOKS

I love flipping through magazines and seeing well styled bookcases. It all looks so simple but never seems to be the easiest task to pull off. I'm constantly placing things, stepping back, moving things around and doing even the slightest shift of an item in hopes of landing on something I'm 100% pleased with. One thing I know I love to see are books. Books that are leaning, books that are stacked, old books, decorating books and in this case, placed in the shelf bundled and backwards.

I love grabbing old books at market trade days, half price books etc but sometimes the books themselves don't always have the spines that I want showing but that doesn't need to slow you down.

Check out this bundle of 4 books. Simple, simple, simple! Anyone out there believe at one time they were going to be a scrapbooker and collect all kinds of supplies? me too! I had a friend who sold the Stampin' Up products and I have all kinds of alphabets. Lower case, upper case and a variety of fonts and now I'm feeling good about the fact that they've been used more than when my girls were little and learning letters. All that we've done to these books is simply get some black ink and stamp on them. Use whatever word you like. Love, Hope, Pray. You get the idea! Don't pay too much attention to getting the letters at the exact same height. I actually think having them a bit off adds to the character. This bundle is bound in a ribbon with an added cross charm. Sweet isn't it?

For the prettier books, like the ones above, I love seeing them wrapped in burlap ribbon. If you like this look as well, you can find all kinds of widths of the ribbon HERE and other great supplies at fantastic prices. Burlap just has this way of making everything, even your books, extra pretty.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find your ampersand that's on the shelf?

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