Saturday, September 20, 2008

We're back home, don't it feel good!

We had such a nice getaway. A few bumps along the way like bad directions and a rental car that kept blinking change oil but other than that, picture perfect weather in the gorgeous North East along with good company. Here's the better half in this photo to the men that all work together! That's right, the better half, we like to think that right, LOL! Let's see, in this photo we have represented, Texas, Colorado, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland and Georgia. Such diversity right! We love this trip as it's small, quaint and always packed with good food, chitter chatter, pampering at the spa and then shopping. I'd rank this weekend as a home run hit! I've never visited the lovely New England part of the country and it definitely wets your appetite to see more. Such old world charm and some amazing lobster, clams and fish and chips. Guess ya better like seafood visiting this part of the country as its plentiful! I even managed to go driving around as I really wanted to find this gals store. I somehow found Yummy Goods on the web a while back and when I knew I'd be a stones throw from her, went cruising in the van, yes, the van that needed oil changed that we chose to ignore :) She was just a few days away from her grand opening and I was bummed I was just those few days early and didn't get to actually go in but it looked so cool. Packed with fun knick knacks and all kinds of handmade items. I did cruise through her favorite quilt store she recommended and found some of my all time favorite fabric that has been discontinued. To anyone who shares the love, you know the thrill of finding an old print you still adore!!! Well, we're now home, back to reality now. I've plowed through a ton of laundry and can't wait to rev up the machine and start putting together some new Fall listings. We've got some new launches coming up and I'll be posting some sneak peeks as soon as I know what the heck I'm gonna do!


Anonymous said...

I was sad to have missed you!
Mary from Tumbleweeds came by and said you had just been at the quilt shop. We just finished our first weekend open at Yummy Goods and it went well. It wasn't the Grand Opening- just a quiet soft opening to get started. I wish you could have come in!
Maybe next time!

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