Sunday, September 14, 2008

Every girl needs a custom flashlight bag right?

I have a bin full of scraps that is mounting by the days and I just can't seem to bear throwing them away. I save them for these delusions of free time to experiment with patchwork skirts or patchwork anything, and at the very least, use for test strips or practice projects with the girls. So far, those ideas sit purely in my head! M came home with a note from school recently saying that they needed to bring in a flashlight and some extra batteries. She's in First Grade now, it's the real deal school, no more days chalk full of chitter chatter, art, play, music w/ some letters and phonics thrown in there. The magical year of Kindergarten is OVER! We've jumped full force into school with language, science, Math, you name it! Reading is such a focus during this grade, they have Fun Fridays where if they earn it, they get to practice reading in the dark with their own flashlights. oh the fun right? add a flashlight and the fun factor quadruples. Well, M can't have a flashlight sitting loose in her backpack!?!?!?! .....enter Mommy and her scraps. We needed a one of a kind, la*tee*da*kids custom flashlight bag and now I have one less layer of scraps in my pile. everyone is happy and M loves her bag.

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Sara said...

Love the bag! Great idea. Hopefully my kids need a flashlight bag in the coming years. My scrap pile is getting quite large.