Thursday, September 11, 2008

They say we are stimulated as babies by these colors!

.....but I'm stimulated still at the lofty age of 38 by my new creation I'm working on. Whoa, did I say that? I mean 30 and holding. I covered up my grey the other day after my hubby started calling me Murphy Brown and now I'm back to my more youthful blonde!
Anyways, a dear friend of mine enlisted my help to make a special outfit for someone's daughter. All I was told was she was 2 and Asian and I had full reign to surprise her. That's awfully flattering to have someone say to you, "You're so good at this, do whatever you want, I know I'll love it" and off I went. I haven't done the top but I just love the direction this is going. I know a long sleeve black tee with a the large red gerber daisy on the front is going to be such a nice balance and pack some punch. They say the colors red, black and white are stimulating to a babies brain but it's sure got my attention as well and I think it's going to look just lovely against some jet black hair. These colors are so saturated and bold, she's sure to turn a few heads :) Here's hoping she'll love her surprise.

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Heidi said...

They are sure to look WONDERFUL with beautiful jet black hair.... well done. You have great color sensibility !!!! WOW !!!!!