Sunday, March 25, 2012

I want wavy Beach Curls in my hair

This past weekend, my 2 girls had a weekend they look forward to every year. The annual Daddy/Daughter dance! Heck I look forward to this weekend since it's a ball getting them gussied up for their #1 guy. They love heading out shopping, picking something to wear and keeping it secret til the big reveal the night of the dance. It's such a sweet thing seeing all the pretty young ladies heading off for the evening.

This year they got very specific on how they wanted their hair and I know it's all thanks to Pinterest! They've searched all kinds of things you'd expect any pre-teen to check out. My oldest has been teaching herself to french braid and any help from me was not welcomed. She was going it alone with her hair. My younger daughter on the other hand announced she wanted beach curls like THESE that she'd seen on my Pinterest board.

Here is her normal hair, it dries VERY straight and it's thin and fine so I had low hopes of getting volume and waves but figured we'd give it a shot and wanted to share our results. Click on any photo to see it enlarged.

First we showered and blew her hair dry to where it was still semi-damp. Then I just sectioned off her hair. I'd suggest dividing up her hair however you like. I think we had 7 or 8 sections. Take each section of hair and twist it as much as you can and twist in the direction you want the curls to go. I wanted them to curl towards her face so we twisted that direction. It really only matters for those first 2 sections on either side of their eyes.

You can twist the other sections either direction. Keep twisting until the hair is tight and starts to coil up then wind it up in a tight bun and pin in place with a bobby pin.

After you've done the entire head we sprayed some hairspray lightly all over the head and then hairdry the hair til it's completely dry. We put another light spray of hairspray on the hair, waited just a bit and then took out all of the buns. DON'T BRUSH! We just flipped our head over and back loosening up the curls and lightly finger combing the curls.

My daughter who has very straight and fine hair was so happy with her new beach curls that we were able to do in about 20 minutes and required no curling iron or rollers to fry her hair!

We added a few bobby pins to pull back off her face and then added some more hairspray. Never enough spray to make you think flammable 80's hair but enough to help keep them in place.

And there ya have it, one happy girl ready for the night and they were still there when she came home!

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