Monday, September 29, 2008

Mission Complete - Party Successful

It was a super day for Miss M's party. We had swimming along with some fun and games in the backyard celebrating her 7th birthday. Here's a few pics highlighting the games. We did the best canonball contest. This was a tight race as M has darn near perfected doing canon balls and can openers. Thank you Daddy for making it a point to turn my girlies into rough and tumble tomboys. We did some trampoline jumping, played musical chairs, played a fun game called Stack 'em up that had the girls laughing and then the highlight was the water balloon fight. I think many of the girls had never thrown water balloons before but quickly figured out how fun it can be. For some reason, it was more fun to throw them at the adults so we were quickly reigned into this game and I ended up soaked! It was worth it, a super fun day!

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