Friday, August 29, 2008

One day when I reach heaven

I'm pretty sure my design space will look something like this!!!!!!! Full blown girly spot that even sports a couch for friends to come for coffee and chatter or just to play along with something they're working on. I've always loved looking at peoples homes and even more so, I'd love to see the homes of those that create. I'd walk straight to their creative space. I'm just certain people like Jennifer Paganelli, Sandi Henderson or Heather Bailey and all those gals that make the beautiful fabric out there have amazing places to go to and let their imaginations go to work. My sewing area couldn't be further from this but one can hope right? One day we'll get there! I'm not sure where I once saw this photo but ever since I came across it, I've been mesmerized about working in a room just like this!


Heidi said...

I'd love that dream too !!! You'd never come out of there though !!! ;)

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