Monday, August 25, 2008

....and they're off

Last night I had them all packed up with every emergency form, contact info, PTA request known to man and then a long list of rules for them to follow so they don't catch that lice that graces our presence down here in the South! (super yuck!) Lunches were essentially packed minus their sandwiches, clothes laid out, water bottles on hand and so on......sigh......., here are their backpacks the eve before school starts, all in a row , ready for grab-n-go mad dash to the busstop, holding all their precious goodies that they insist they need during the day! Hard to believe the backpacks have already returned into the mix of weekly routine!

Like lots of moms across the US, we're shuttling the kiddos back to school today. I do it with mixed emotions but by and large, the tears of joy are hitting me. I love Fall. I love the routine of the school year and back to seeing all those friends we miss seeing if it weren't for school and the after school activities. Oh and some free time to myself sprinkled here and there is not so bad either! We start school EARLY here, hence the dark skies, imagine how it is when the time changes later in the season! Kids are ecstatic though, only tears we had were from T who so desperately wants to ride the bus. Awww, the mystique of the bus and all that surrounds it to those who don't ride it yet. In T's mind, surely this is as much fun as a carnival ride, listen to all the laughing kids and dangit, he wants to ride! A few more years little guy, just a few more years! For now, you have to get in that car seat and ride with mommy to pre-school!


Heidi said...

Oh Debbie, they couldn't be ANY cuter !! Love M.'s Matilda Jane shirt and the big smiles all around :) I love the routine and thoughts of Fall myself... now you have more time to sew ;) Enjoy your days. Beautiful.

Sara said...

They are precious! Hope thier day was as wonderful as they imagined it would be!