Monday, August 18, 2008

The old is new again...and now my kids wear them!

Knot dresses are just fun and if you think you won't like them, they're one of those things you really just have to try. It's probably not because it's a knot dress, but more the fact that it's fun (for me anyways) to experiment with the random pairing of fabrics along with the untraditional layering of pieces from different brands. This seems to be the new hot trend in custom clothing.....and then it meets the old!

Someone once told me that if you are old enough to remember wearing a trend then you're too old to wear it the next time it comes back into fashion. Wow, I think on most counts that's actually right!!! You will not see me sporting any skinny tapered jeans, wearing jelly shoes and if acid wash dares come back along with a feathered bi-level haircut hairsprayed to death, that too will not be in my house!!! I did have a love for converse shoes though when I was young. I had all the colors they made, changed up my shoe laces to make them colorful and that was a big presence in my closet. I still love them, some things are just too cool to give up. My girls have jumped on this train and now we love wearing them with all kinds of stuff. Here's M sporting a new Fall combo I made. Not for the faint of heart but the mom who loves to sport the funky stuff on their kids! This is on ETSY right now but is soon moving to ebay. Grab the Buy it Now if ya like this one of a kind! I liked this photo so much, I cropped it and kept in those delightful shoes and made a new logo today. fun stuff!

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