Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a wonderful day

How on earth do these photos relate? They could be the start of a story board for my day. Yesterday was a day where I didn't complete a single task. Just spent the entire day enjoying all the folks I have the pleasure of interacting with on a near day to day basis! I had a birthday and started the last year of my 30's. oh boy⁄!! It was certainly a day to remember. I started the day connecting up with my coffee Moms. To my surprise, they got crafty on me and greeted me with t-shirts that read Debbie Rocks and a big ole birthday cake. Now tell me that doesn't feel awesome! Stayed for some cake, coffee, chatter and even Happy Birthday in Spanish by little Trey. priceless! Scooted out later that same day to meet my neighbors for lunch. The schemed a covert operation and got in touch with some other friends and we had a great group for lunch. Mother nature was on our side and we had 80 degrees in January. It called for Mexican food and Mojitos at noon coupled with more girl chatter and that ain't too shabby either! My spouse is out of town for work so I figure the fun is gonna end there, and that's fair enough, it's been an awesome day. My kids come home and my girls had both made me cards and my younger daughter had her whole class sign it. Very special! I have the pleasure of reading with them each week, have slowly gotten to know them. They are all just adorable. They ended dinner by scooting me out of the kitchen and told me to wait as they wanted to make me dessert. They piled in the ice cream, the chocolate syrup along with a skinny cow! Almost seems like ordering the diet coke with your Big Mac and fries! They sang Happy Birthday as well and it was just the perfect ending to the day. You just can't beat having great girlfriends and kids! The bonus part is the hubby was out of town so he gets to celebrate it with me all over again this weekend. No cooking for this gal :)


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