Monday, January 26, 2009

It really does take a village

and with tremendous support from my family and friends, 2009 is off to a fantastic start. I have to say a big thank you to all those around who have let me borrow their little girls. They are a super fun crowd to work with whose energy I'm envious of! I've got lots of new things being sent to my Etsy store and staying busy busy busy. Good busy though, like adrenaline, heart pumping busy! I love when you all share photographs of your little ones. Keep 'em coming, they make my day! It's amazing to see your portraits, your vacations or just plain ole candids wearing something I've made. I had a super experience a few weeks ago working with Scott from Scott Stater Photography Scott is a photographer here in Austin in the same Steiner Ranch area that we live in. Check him out. He tackled taking photos of a few pieces from my Spring line with the pint sized crowd. Their collective ages were under 21 so you can imagine the fun herding this crew. They were all phenomenal and all tolerated the high winds we were given that day. These little beauties have to try hard to take a bad photo and even then, I don't think you could find one! The pictures you see here are from my Spring MACY collection of mix and match pieces.

The #1 question I get from people is "How does your sizing run?" To answer that, that's the best part of custom clothing. For example, if you purchase something and let me know that your daughter is a 5 in length but teeny tiny through her waist, we can make something the length of a 5 but size it slimmer through the waist. If you have a child who has shorty pie legs and you know where you prefer their capris to hit, we can always modify the lengths to your preferences! My pieces generally come as one size fits most but we can tweak things here and there for you! Click on any photo to enlarge. I have them come and go from my Etsy store. As items get purchased, I will attempt to add them back when time permits. This might be my favorite line of fabrics I've ever used. It has such a feminine feel with floral prints that remind me of the days gone by, a simpler world, and a place I'd like to be :)

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