Monday, January 19, 2009

There's more than one way to skin a cat!

...but I'm not really talking about cats. I'm talking about the sewing world! There are often several ways to construct the same garment and we all have our preferences. I'm trying to put my own thoughts on paper. I've been asked several times by folks, "Hey, I'd love to learn to sew" Problem is, you buy those patterns that say, It's SEW Easy, you get home, but you still feel a bit dumbfounded after unfolding all of those pages and scanning through the instructions. Well, I've decided I'd take a stab at adding author to my name! I'm laughing just typing that as I'm the most grammatically incorrect writer there is so just take with a grain of salt that author is a generous term! I've started writing an electronic book with easy to follow instructions along with lots of color photographs embedded into the book that will hopefully jumpstart any newbie into their first project. I took the step by step pictures close to a year ago, started writing this and have vowed that when 2009 started, I'd actually complete this item on my to do list. I'm finishing up the final touches on a 3 tiered skirt e-book. These are so versatile in the possibilities and they are fun to wear. What little girl doesn't love to twirl when she's got something fun like that on.

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Anonymous said...

I'm am so excited about your ebook for the twirl skirt! I would really love for your to do one for the ruffled capri/pants that you have. Keep bringing us your wonderful creations!!