Sunday, October 26, 2008

Polka Dots.......more of them!

and I think I'm starting to see spots! We're in the South, so it takes a while for our cool weather to finally hit where we then officially retire the shorts and tees. We're getting some blasts of chilly Fall here and there so we're putting the warmer clothing into the closets, trying things on, and seeing what we've got that needs a mate! This tee from Mini Boden this year asked for something other than jeans so here we are! We just added this new one to Etsy today and relisted the brown one. I'm all caught up on the orders from that style and offering it one more time :) These are custom orders to get a perfect fit for your little one! M wanted to put her pink lo-top Converse with this but since I'm talking cold weather (even though it's 80 here as I type) we photo'd with some fun, furry boots.

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