Sunday, October 5, 2008

It was Soccer Saturday

I just adore Fall and both girls are playing soccer this season. M, who is the girliest thing around, suddenly has emerged as this little athlete who now agrees it's okay to break a sweat and we don't need to limit our activities to ones in the air conditioning! I promise I take pictures of more things than just clothing so wanted to share a bit of our Saturday. T is as patient as they come and likes to share with anyone who is listening that he is going to play soccer and football when he gets big. For now, I enjoy the weekends where he doesn't have to wear his uniform and pull out my favorite Mini Boden stuff for him, ain't he cute! Needs a major haircut, but cute :) Next Fall season my little man then it's soccer for you too, it'll get here! L has emerged as the defensive weapon on her team playing goalie and she carries a lot pride with her role! Later today, I'll be shifting over to my other baby! Yes, I feel like I'm full-time mom, part-time sewer and part-time writer! Check out The Girlfriends Manor Blog We're doing another giveaway, everyone's favorite so check there for our question of the day! We periodically give things away, you can peek at our stuff if you surf through old posts. Just join the TGFM mailing list and you can follow along. Also peek at what I just bought that I have on it's way to me. If you are a lady or just have a lady in your life and you've got kids, I guarantee this would be a gift she might even get teary eyed to get. I'm so excited to get mine in the mail and I opted for the big circle! Happy Sunday!

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