Friday, October 24, 2008

I met McDreamy last night....

...isn't he sweet? Ever since I gained my married last name, I've heard the phrase, "Dr Livingston I presume" and my kids do too. T decided he was going to be a doctor this Halloween and I think he makes a fine physician. After watching Grey's Anatomy last night, I've decided the real McDreamy is under my own roof. We're allowed to be smitten with our own kids right? Well watch out if you see us Halloween night, he's giving everyone flu shots and has a very large syringe :) We had delusions of all these cool costumes made by mom but when we visited the store, the kids had too much fun picking out their own. I guess it's the American way, why wait for something when you can have it right now and my kids are no different. More pics to follow as we finish off Batgirl's costume and our very own Hannah Montana.

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