Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Twins...Double the FUN

I love hearing from you! I love getting your emails, your photos and always enjoy special requests. Not too long ago I got an email from the mom of twins. She loves to match them but likes to give them a bit of their own personality by changing things up a little for each girl. I totally get that and I like her approach.

My own girls are only 18 months apart and when they were little I matched them all the time. It wasn't so much a matter of matching, but more a matter of liking something and then just buying 2 and then they tended to wear them at the same time. It sort of made life easy getting them dressed. The funny part was how many times I'd get asked if they were twins. Really?? that made me chuckle! They don't look like twins, are built entirely different and there was an obvious difference in their growth because of their age gap. Still, it never stopped the inquiries. Eventually I decided I needed to give them their own personalities, play up to their preferences and colors they liked and stop dressing them in matching uniforms!

For the sweet mom that emailed me, here is what we came up with. She liked the color combinations on the Makena Dress (shown below) and asked if I had anything that could be created to go along with it. It just so happened I had the exact fabrics in different colorways on hand. You know this girl loves fabric so I tend to have lots of options on hand! I have to say, I'm loving the change up and think these little 2 year old cuties are going to look adorable! I had to grab a photo to share before we mail them off today. Today I decided to hang them from my new shabby ladder. This is one of the gems I grabbed during my trip to Fredericksburg. It's currently in my house just making a wall look pretty but I have a feeling it might show up in more photos. The perfect little prop to hang things from.

So if you have an idea in your head of a twist on a design that I've currently got, ask away, I invite the requests!

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