Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Twirl Skirt in the Cowgirl Lineup

If there is one thing I can't seem to get out of my system, it's got to be my cowgirl inspired pieces. Often times I think I'm done finding fabrics that work in a new twist of colors and pattern and then new fabrics just start to jump out to me begging to be paired with the pony print! Must be because at my core, I know I'm a country girl. Anyone who follows me on Pinterest probably already knows that!

This current piece, that is in my Etsy store, was even more fun to do because it involved a collaboration. Tabitha over at Vintage Lucy's sent me a few of her designs and let me create something to coordinate. Wait a second, need to backup, have you ever checked out Vintage Lucy's? Serious yumminess. Vintage graphics with an oh so fresh feel to them. Her store literally carries something cool for every person in the family, young and old.

Kids just grow up too fast and I think we need to fight the urge of adopting the slightly older girl styles until well...they're older! I know that's why I was immediately drawn to her brand, it's youthful, fresh and I delighted in the opportunity in designing a new piece around her graphic. I'm loving summer blues with soft corals and crisp white so this little # is definitely one of my new favorites. Add cowgirl boots and well..you've hit perfection!

After that comes together it's even more fun seeing the pictures come to life through a sweet little model and talented photographer. One of my favorite things is seeing my pieces through someone else's eyes. If you are lucky enough to live in the Birmingham, AL area, you MUST check out Heather Swanner Photography. What a talent behind the camera she is. You can see the full album of photos on my Facebook page.

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