Friday, March 23, 2012

Handmade from the heart

I love ALL things handmade from the Heart

Yes, I absolutely love it all! I'm also guilty of throwing away a LOT of artwork that has come home. We've probably all been through the experience of our kids heartbroken faces when they found something of theirs in the garbage and then start a routine check of what you are tossing! Over the years we all know it's just impossible to keep each and every drawing, trinket, pottery pinch pot, paper airplane or whatever item has been brought home. Each of my kiddos has a big rubbermaid bin to store all of their favorite creations. Over the course of the years, we've stashed favorite art projects, journals they've written in and a huge variety of things they've made through the years. I know these will be precious memories for me when they are grown and gone.

Earlier this week I wore a very special necklace my son made for me when he was 4 for a Christmas present. (Sorry about the crummy pic, I just grabbed it sitting here at my desk on the webcam :) I just love it and every now and then pull it out to wear. He loves that and when I wear it, he likes to recall the story of when he made it. "Mommy, do you remember when I made that for you and I told you I was making it for someone very special but wouldn't tell you who?" Well of course I do, I may be getting older, the brain is getting foggier but certain memories like this are ones I hold onto dearly! I loved watching you lay out your pattern selecting the perfect colors and then watching you wrap it all while telling me it was a secret who it was for but that she was special. My younger daughter made me a splatter paint patterned duct tape bow yesterday. Hhhhmmm, I guess I'm going to need to wear that one day soon too. What have your kids made you that melts your heart whenever you see it? I love the ones they dream up and then I love spending an afternoon with them crafting and spending time together. Next up? Ugly Dolls!! My kids love these little stuffed fleece monster dolls and I see no reason why we can't make our own. Stay tuned to a later blog post on how those turn out.

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