Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another birthday rolls by!

They seem to be coming at me faster and birthday that is! I just celebrated yet another one and got some of the most lovely things. My kids kept asking me, "Mommy what do you want for your birthday?" HHHmmmm, I thought about it and just gave them that frustrating answer of, "Just surprise me! I'll love whatever you get for me." They know I love gifts from the heart, something homemade, and boy did they melt me on the insides. I received some handmade earrings from my oldest, a book made by my budding author/illustrator and then this beautiful creation from my son. So here she sits by my machine! I just love all their ideas and surely felt the love. Yep, my kids know how to make the tears well up in my eyes. It was a great day feeling blessed and loved!

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