Friday, February 4, 2011

Time for Vacation....take some Beaches 'n Cream!

What are my favorite family photos? Hands down, the ones we've done over the years on our trips to the beach. I love going back and recalling our vacations to the ocean. They are always memories of relaxation, none of the typical life distractions, just quality family time, our sunkissed tans, the blonde streaks my kids get in their hair and I also appreciate the fact that my husband looks at my kids and announces on picture day, "No complaining guys, this is the one time of year Mom makes us get up really early to get these pictures and it's very important to her. Everyone smile pretty and it won't take long :-) " Okay, I digress, here's a non-staged photo from a few years back. I love it! One of my all time faves, watching my girls follow their Dad being careful only to walk in his footsteps on the beach. Seems so symbolic of a girls love for their Daddy! Wherever you lead us, I'm following in your footsteps. The entire morning is always a special one for me.

Well, fastforward years later, I haven't gotten tired of our trips and certainly not tired of getting our photos. When I create new pieces, I usually aim for tons of pattern and lots of color splashes. With the "Beaches 'n Cream" collection, I went in a different direction staying true to my love of white tonals for the beach and a few hints of pattern. You'll find something for everyone here in this mix and match collection. If she loves to twirl we've got the twirl skirt and double ruffle tank. If you want something angelic, simple and innocent, a ruffle trimmed pillowcase dress and finally I added a coordinating knot top with ruffle trimmed white flare capris. Aaaahh, Mother Nature, please bring the warm temperatures back and let's head to the beach! Let them play, let them be kids.......and finally, capture their sweet innocence with some beautiful photos while you are at it!

HUGE thank you to Michelle Nicoloff for getting some amazing photos of these 2 girls playing in my La*tee*da pieces. If you live in the Orange County area, take a looksie at her work....beautiful and amazing talent!

Pieces will be listed this weekend in my Etsy store. If you have a Spring Break trip coming up and you are heading to the beach, contact me and we'll see about getting some rush orders out. Click on any photo to see them enlarged.

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