Monday, July 27, 2009


Really, do you need more words than that :-) Get your little ones geared up with a fun shirt to start off the school year, get them excited and look cute to boot! New design from LTDK hot off the presses! Whether your little one is starting Preschool or Kindergarten, the day is no doubtedly a special and exciting one for all. Done in primary colors with a slightly grunged effect to the graphic I added to the guitar center, this t-shirt is certain to get lots of smiles and comments along the way for your star pupil! Find them in my Etsy store now! You choose short or long sleeves since you might be sweating like us folks here in the South or already feeling the onset of Fall in the Northeast.


Trillium said...

I really like the BTS stuff Debbie :)

Party of Seven said...

Are you still doing these T-shirts for Preschool?? I would love to get one for Preschool and Kindie. Thanks.