Monday, August 10, 2009

Sometimes it feels good to get the Boot!

Wow, I never thought those words would leave my mouth! In this case, it's the Golden Boot for winning Critics Choice, Best Childrens Designer. Austin Fashion Week has been over for a few weeks now but we went on a little family vacation so I had to wait to get my Golden Boot. It finally arrived today and I'm searching for a spot for it in my office. I'll consider it my little inspiration piece to stare at as I figure out where I'm going with things. Wish I had a pair, I'd kick up my heels and wear them around town!! Gold is back in style right?


Tammy C. said...

Congradulations Debbie! You do an awesome job. You know I love your designs. You deserve it!


Andrea said...

Awesome!! Congrats Debbie. You deserve it!