Monday, June 29, 2009

Fall 'O9......The Olivia Collection Remake

One of my personal favorites last Spring/Summer was the Olivia dress. It was inspired by my friend's daughter who is all things sweet, girly and tough all wrapped up in one little body. Upon arriving in Texas, she immediately got her cowgirl boots. The dress was a popular one for me and a great reflection of my world. It showcases my Texas roots with the southern touch in the cowhide print so plan to see many renditions of this re-done as the seasons change and the years come and go. Here's a look at the new Olivia collection for Fall '09. These new designs will be hitting my Etsy store soon in July. This time, the dress has a mate. If you have girls you love to coordinate or you just have a little lady who loves wearing skirts, this time you've got another choice. I love the photo we captured here. I had the pleasure of working with Michelle of Michelle Nicoloff photography. She lent her talent and did these amazing photos for me. Thank you Michelle and we wish you well on your journey back west to California!!

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The Drama Mama said...

OK, I'm seriously in LOVE with you stuff...I had to come back this morning and look at your pictures again - SO STINKING CUTE! I may have to make my way over to the ETSY shop to see what I can get my it all! HUGS!