Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little American Sweetheart

Having pictures show up in my inbox from new designs are truly some of my favorite emails. I adore seeing the clothing come to life through the children and the eyes of the photographer. This next set came about from a tank that Tabitha from Vintage Lucy's sent to me to create a coordinate. I love collaborations, it forces you to begin from a different starting point and work from there and I enjoy that creative push. Anyone who's spent any amount of time in the design arena has no doubt felt the designers rut. We stay within a certain range or for me it tends to be color palette's that I'm most drawn to.

Here we have a set that feels very Americana but in this case, I used a cornflower blue which I just love. I rarely use this shade of blue....til now! It's a soft girly blue and I just have to say, this little sweetheart wears it just right. You can find this skirt for sale HERE in my Etsy store. It'd coordinate with just a simple white tee if you prefer. That's the beauty of these skirts, they have so much color and pattern. Let the skirt showcase all the punches of color and pair it with white or pull out any of the colors in the piece you'd like to highlight or just like we've shown in the photo, do a complete mix on colors and pattern play and have some fun with what you pair with it.

Is she not the cutest little thing peeking out from her sunglasses?
I always love the emails saying how adorable my daughter is. Well....I'd love to call her my own. I agree she is one adorable girl who's personality just shines in front of the camera but she belongs to a sweet mom on the West coast who I'm lucky to be acquainted with.

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