Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A fun weekend!!! Kids mini triathlon

I always say that my blog will be a blend of my world where I try to be creative and experiment with DIY type projects and then family life and today's post is all about a super weekend that we had with the kids. We love sports in our house and actively try to encourage the kids to put down their fun little electronic toys they love so much and go outside to play. This weekend was just that...except it was a Kids mini-Triathlon and all 3 participated with a handful of their friends. I have to say, all of use parents were beaming as we saw athletic abilities all over the map and kids who were all giving it 110%. What a cool thing to involve them in. If you live in the Austin area, the Cedar Park Kids Tri is a super time. There are 2 divisions and my girls competed in the longer course, my little guy in the short course. Just wanted to share a few highlights from the day and encourage anyone out there to give it a try with their kids one year.
               We got to track down our summer league coach and say hello before we started. Coach Kay is the best!
Bikes are all pumped with air, #'s on and ready to go
The waiting around is the hardest.
I take that back, getting those sticky swim caps on with all that hair might be the hardest!
What a fun way to start! They start all the kids off 15 seconds apart by coming down a giant curly slide.

This pic has one of my girls who has already started swimming in lane 1 and one just came off the slide ready to swim over and enter the lanes with the swimmers. I love this start method, really eases all the kids nerves by sliding in and making the start fun!
The 6 mile bike ride. I was informed we actually needed to practice this next year.

Always fun doing with a friend and sprinting together to the transition area.
The run portion wraps up the race.
The older girls all finished!

The younger girls, oh yeah, we're finished!
When it's all said and done, this shirt says it all. "JUST DO IT" It's a super time seeing your kids compete. They can participate as a group but can compete with themselves. There are no losers here, all winners!! A big lunch at Torchy's Tacos followed with all of their friends and that wrapped up a fantastic morning for all!
One piece of advice, this event sells out every year. This is our 2nd year to participate and as soon as I get the email we get registered just to ensure a spot.

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