Monday, March 1, 2010

Brand new eBook...Ruffle Pants

Big ruffle capri pants were some of my favorite things to put on my girls when they were little. Easy to move around and play in, perfect for them to get up and down all on their own. We all know the importance of wearing something that has your little one saying "I do myself!" Whether she's getting dressed, heading to playgroup or potty training, these capris are the perfect choice. I've written an eBook that is a step by step tutorial on how to make them complete with lots of color photographs. You can find this currently in my Etsy Store. The basic tutorial is for single ruffle capris but I have also included some additional notes on how to make double ruffles. Double ruffles are fun to make when you want to add just a bit more color, another layer or play up the colors of a holiday like Christmas, July 4th and more. The options are endless for what you can make for you little one.