Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've confirmed it....40's are fabulous!!

Wow, what a busy start to 2010 it's been and so far all indicators point to a really great year! Last weekend I celebrated a milestone, I joined the 40 year old club. Boy, that snuck up fast!! My dear hubby started planning a surprise party months ago with the help of my sister and a few sly friends of mine. We enjoyed a super night of music, food, drinks and a whole lot of dancing! Several days later, I think my legs might finally feel normal again. Here's me and the man behind the scenes who supports the constant chaos in our house. The late nights, the bolts of fabric all over the place, bins stored here and there full of blank t-shirts, the last minute requests to watch one of the kids while I run out for a photo shoot that needed to get done yesterday. Sometimes it's not pretty and I can feel the age of my brain with a ton of pots on the burner but I love what I do and better yet, love who's by my side. I feel blessed to have this guy who is my biggest supporter out there!

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Casey said...

Happy Birthday!!