Sunday, December 27, 2009

You say it's your Birthday!

You're gonna have a good time! Hopefully you followed along and inserted some melodic notes of your own there! Who doesn't love a birthday! I've had something on my brain to make for quite a while and it took my friend's daughter turning 4 for me to finally sit down and do it. I love the finished creation and wish I still had a little girl in the house that I could put this on. For now, I had a ball seeing her little cutie running around wearing it on her special day. Just pick the number or candles you'd like, decide if you want capris or full length jeans and I'll do the rest!

This is a brand new set just listed on Etsy. Tee and jeans are sold seperately. If you prefer a different color combination, I am happy to customize it in a color palette of your choice.