Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thinking about a giveaway...

We've been quiet here on the Western front. Have had so many things going on with life, with kids, with activities and such that we just had to put a lot of things on hold including my Etsy store which I hope to open back up soon! Ever felt like someone turned on a firehose full blast and then was told to take a drink??? okay, so no one asked me that but we all know that sensation of getting knocked over with a zillion things to do.

Lots of great stuff though and I'll get back to blogging about fun new pieces soon. (after all, that's my real purpose for being here on the net and hopefully one of the big reasons you show up to read!) For now, I just wanted to post a little teaser about a giveaway I'll be doing soon. I have this amazing friend April. She's all kinds of bubbly and made up of inspiring pieces of AWESOME inside of one body. She works for this great company, Carolina Pad. They're even so hip they have their own Facebook page! She sent me a big box of all this fab stuff and we're giving some away to a lucky person. These are absolute must have's for me. The covers of their stuff always spark and awaken the creative side in me. Beware only if you suffer from fun color and pattern sensory overload :) kidding, we're women, we love stuff like this right???? In the day and age of computers, I STILL can't get enough paper products. love 'em. They're packed with punch! I love bright colors, dots, stripes, damask patterns and all that they have. Anyhoo, that's it for now but I'll post more soon!

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