Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the winner is....

Betsy Martinez said...
What about Miso Pretty? or Miso Beautiful? Miso Playful?
You could do a lot of things with the word miso. Contact me, we'll get your shipping info and get all kinds of fun stuff from Carolina Pad on it's way to you. I love that they're launching an Asian themed line too. So anxious to see it.

The voting was from a very small group but it was unanimous! I love the simple play on words. More than anything, it is so much fun to see the creative brains out there and some of your mad skills. I was literally hitting a brick wall and Betsy's suggestion felt completely right! I love simple twists on words and I think we might use all of her suggestions with Miso being the common theme and using the add on word that seems to fit best. Thank you for the wonderful ideas and I'm sending this little dress to my Etsy store today.

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