Monday, February 23, 2009

M2M GAP Mediterranean "Years Gone By" Ruffle Capris

I just loved the green the Gap used in their Mediterranean line and think these two look smashing together. Adding a cute kid is certainly like the icing on a cake! Spent a little more time with Scott the other day grabbing a few more photos of new pieces. To some folks they see a fence in need of a new paint job, he drives by and sees a great backdrop of color. love these! Grabbed the little lovely one here and she did her typical magic. I think I read a description of this fabric stirring up memories of the days when folks had all their clothes pinned to a clothesline. It definitely makes me think of the "Years Gone By" I'll be adding them to my Etsy store soon. Here's one of my favorite ones. These don't show the pants the best, you'll have to go find them in my store to see a broad range of her shots but I just love her face in this particular one so wanted to share. Thank you Nancy for borrowing her to me!

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