Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back home, now back to reality!

Hubby and I had a nice little getaway to Mexico where the sun always seems to shine and the water is crystal blue. We're both refreshed and getting back into gear this week. I dove straight into what any Mom would start with, the mountain of laundry that I had waiting here from the kids and then the stuff I brought home. Man, 5 people sure can generate some dirty clothes! I may never get to leave my laundry room this week! Now onto fun stuff. My machines were both at the mechanic getting their annual tune-up. They think I'm so disciplined since I bring them in yearly at the same time just like I'm told. Truth be known, we go out of town same time every year so it's the one time I feel like I can be without them and they deserve a little R&R too right! The sewing machines are home, I'm home, lots of new orders came in and I'm ready to get cracking. Thank you to those that share your photos, it sure does make my day to get those in my inbox. I can't wait to make some new things for some new moms that have found me along the way who have chosen to dress their girls in a few of my pieces. I'm getting back to it this week so hopefully will have things heading out on their way soon! I've also got my eye on some new fabric prints, ooohhh are they pretty! Sure do want some time to play around with that stuff too!

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