Friday, December 19, 2008

A sneak peak at the Audrey Dress

Well, I know most people are in that anxious mode as we get closer and closer to Christmas. I'm trying to split my time between the holiday chaos, the family.......... hey wait, I've already mentioned them, they're the chaos part!!!......and then some quality time with my sewing machine and all the lovely new fabrics I've gotten in. I am excited to have a few new girls who are going to model some pieces for me and this new sneak peek of a Spring Dress is the "Audrey" To keep these pieces seperate in my mind, they're all getting a name, their models name! Very original I know but it's fun. This one is delicate and girly and would be perfect for Easter, a tea party or for those folks who live in Texas, the customary pictures done in the bluebonnets. Can't wait to see what this looks like on as I love how it turned out and am planning a sister coordinate for it. As my girls have gotten older, they love skirts so we're going to mix it up a tad.

After these pieces, up next we'll have Brookelyn!

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Scott Stater said...

I showed Audrey the picture and she can't wait! I'm ready to start taking some darn pictures soon too!