Saturday, December 13, 2008

Plenty of Dots

I started on a new piece and when I look at it in it's entirety, I think of my friend's daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a personality that is all her own. She's full of spunk, endless energy and is always on the move. What better style to dress her in than an easy to move around in peasant style top. I see her eating ice cream for breakfast on many Mondays. Is this her mom's choice? Heaven's no, but we start each week by meeting for a cup of coffee and breakfast tacos at our local coffee shop, Cups & Cones along with some beginning of the week chitter chatter. It's the begging and pleading that any mom of a 3 year old is all too familiar with that gets her her cup of ice cream! When I think of my favorite ice cream as a kid, it was always the bubble gum flavor. I'd get a cup and put them all in there eagerly counting my final tally of gumballs. For some reason, when I saw this fabric, it took me back to my bubble gum ice cream days as a kid. These days, I'm not ordering a whole lot of gumball ice cream, but I do enjoy sitting back and watching Elizabeth.

I'm really excited for the holidays but I'm equally excited to get some photos in my new Spring pieces. If we get some cooperative and unseasonally warm weather, I'll post soon.

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