Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's getting time for Back to School!!!

Well, we're home from vacation, temps might still be in the 100's here but I've got my brain thinking about Fall stuff and BTS. Hard to believe Summer is zipping by but I have to say, I'm so grateful that next week is Vacation Bible School and the kids will be occupied somewhere else for a few hours of the day!!! Funny how you ache for a season to begin and then towards the end, you are shouting hooray it's over. Time for me to think about some ebay, etsy and  sewing!!! I haven't been on my machine in quite some time and feel like we've been separated for too long! For now, I've pulled out some fabrics that were calling my name and they also said, "I'm perfect for back to school customs" Haven't decided what I'm going to do but I knew I wanted to use the bright primary colors and the quintessential apple we all think of when we think of school!

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