Monday, February 27, 2012

GO....Register and BID!!!

We've all had those things that show up in our lives where we just can't see what's fair about it. Why can't the bad stuff in life be equally dished out to the folks doing bad stuff! We like fairness right? Problem is, we look at the world through our own eyes and try as we might, we will never understand His plan.

Meet Ashley from Lil Blue Boo. Ashley is one of those people after following on the internet, you can't but help feel you know her. She invites you into her life, you know her family, and her design ideas and capabilities seem to have no limit. She is one of the most generous artist you will find who shares her ideas and passion for what she loves to do through her website. What an inspiration.

These days, she seems to be offering up a new kind of inspiration. Choose JOY. I love it, knowing it's a choice. Ashley is fighting the big battle, the cancer battle and she chooses JOY amidst all the struggle and the pain. Amazing! We are granted this one life, I'm in awe of how she makes hers count and it inspires me as I reflect on my own.

Hundreds of fellow designers have jumped in to help raise money for the medical bills that come with the territory. What a blessing to give back to someone who gives so much and to ease their burden. I took a look at all of the items available for bid and there is some AMAZING stuff. Many vendors I've seen and so many new ones I've found. Take a moment, register with the Hyena cart and go bid! All auctions go live this evening, Monday the 27th at 8PM. We have donated one of our new Sunshine Knot dresses in the size of your choice.

The items up for auction can all be found HERE.

If you haven't seen the necklace created with Ashley's phrase, "Choose JOY" well you need to. They sell out fast but more are coming. I'm waiting to catch one before they are sold out.

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