Saturday, November 27, 2010

Embellish an Apron Tutorial

Either aprons are making a comeback or I'm just starting to notice them for some reason. When I'm out shopping, it seems I see the most amazing aprons being made with lots of ruffles, fabrics being combined in interesting ways and a variety of embellishments. Recently I was in Anthropologie and really got inspired by all the lovelies I saw. Heck, it might entice this non-cooker to do some cooking! It was just prior to Thanksgiving and I decided that our hostess with the mostest (aka Mom) needed a little gift as a thank you for continually opening up her home and hosting all the kids and grandkids. If you are heading to someone's home this holiday season, this would be a super easy and fun project to take on. I did this with my kids!

1. First we found an already assembled apron from Hobby Lobby. We loved the Zebra print
2. Next we had to decide how we were going to embellish it. Since I was doing this with my kids, we figured we'd just keep it fairly simple. We went over to the trim section and grabbed some hot pink ruffle trim.
3. All we did was put our machine on straight stitch and added it along the top. (hard huh?)
4. Then I wanted to add a fabric rosette and some bling. These roses are so fun to make. Grab your glue gun and go to it! I wanted to use all the colors so I combined a black and white print along with the berry colored fabric and then added a big rhinestone to the center. I just pinned this on since presumably this will need to be washed! Don't want to make your own fabric rose embellishment? Just grab a pre-made one and hot glue a bit of bling to the center. You can find these at Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Michael's etc.
5. Not quite done because I wanted a little more color. One of my girls said, let's add an L. Laverne and Shirley popped into my head with that big cursive L. A regular print L just wasn't going to have enough ummpff so cursive it was. Laverne, we are bringing your big cursive L back! We created our template, added that L and that's it, we were done!

Pretty cute cook huh?

Hope your Thanksgiving was a blessed one and don't forget to kiss the cook!

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