Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Good to Give

My Mom and Dad taught us that from a young age, it's good to give! From as early as I can remember, they got us those little envelopes from the church and made us kids give a portion of our allowance to the poor each week at church. Oh it was agonizing as a kid to turn over what little we had to people we didn't even know. Fast forward 40 years later, I'm grateful those lessons were taught to me. I received an email from Heather from Fabulous Fun Finds who I became acquainted with a while back when she and I did a review and giveaway for my store. The unimaginable has happened to her sisters family, they lost their sweet baby Hailey to SIDS.

When I read the story, like any mother, the tears appeared instantly. My thoughts went to my own children, how precious the time with them is. Heather asked if I'd be willing to donate an item to the Hailey Angel Project and of course my response was yes. The readers voted and selected what out of my store we are putting in the auction and we are auctioning off the Bella Skirt/Sash and Rhinestone slide.
These 3 pieces have a retail value of $48. It might be nearing 100 degrees in your part of the country but it's a super cute skirt that my own daughter has been known to wear year round opting for a tank in the Summer. The Bella Collection was my best selling collection last Fall.

I'm happy to be apart of this auction as her sister and her husband start this new journey rebuilding her life alongside her husband and raising money for unexpected bills, SIDS research and other families who grieve from the loss of a child. Heather has built quite a fanbase because she has great taste and able to find those neat pieces out on the internet. So many of her past vendors have also stepped up to help her with this fundraiser. Lots of items to suit anyones tastes so take a looksie and know that you are helping out someone truly in need. Blessings :-)

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