Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is on it's way

I'm sure most people across the country have a good ole time making fun of us Texans. BBBbbbrrr, it's dropping into the 70's in the evening and the daytime highs are in the low 90's. It's officially time to break out the jeans! Yep, that's what Fall feels like for us. I'm sure the leaves on the trees in many parts of the country are starting to turn those beautiful shades of red and orange before they fall. This season inspired this next wave of clothing. These are all pieces that make me think of pictures in the Fall leaves, visits to the pumpkin patch and Thanksgiving. I've mixed up a lot of bold jewel toned florals in a variety of color palettes to suit your little ones style or just the colors she wears best. If you have sisters, many of these pieces can mix and match. You can find these in my Etsy store right now. The Harvest Flowers dress has straps done in the zebra print so if you have a little one that loves easy pull on pants, grab her the zebra ruffles, add a brown tee and you've got sisters who coordinate. Have a tomboy in the house that prefers no muss no fuss and Mom wants something more girly? Get her these! These denim ruffles add pizzazz to any tee and match to the EURO Harvest Bloom dress that is topped in the same denim.

On another note, go check out Heather's blog. I'm doing a giveaway for anything in my store but you have to go over to her site to enter. Good luck!

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Tammy said...

I would choose the Autumn Sky twirl skirt! Hope to win!