Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting reacquainted with a favorite pastime craft!!!

A friend of mine is wonderfully inventive at keeping her kids entertained by scouring the Family Fun magazine and the local stores for activities that register high on the fun factor scale. She tasked all of the girls in our troop to make swaps for our recent camping trip and we did SHRINKY DINKS! Oh did this take me back to being a kid and the magic of this activity hasn't lessened. My kids had so much fun and T had equal amounts of fun at the tender age of the 3 as the girls did. We are often in Hobby Lobby so bought a package of the Shrinky Dink paper and went to town. I honestly didn't know this stuff still existed! We cut a variety of shapes out, decorated them with phrases and pictures and the real fun is had watching them while in the oven shrink, curl up at the edges, then flatten back out to their final size and shape. I forgot how much fun this was and after a few more ideas thrown at us by our troop leader Mrs J, we're going to make some charms for necklaces, ornaments for the tree and whatever else they dream up. So if you find yourself heading into the holidays wondering what list of activities to do with the kids while they're home from school, we can offer unanimous feedback from our house. Shrinkydinks are BIG fun! Biggest hurdle is fighting for a good spot at the oven window. Get a pack of paper and then some fine tip sharpies and you're on your way. If you want to make ornaments, make sure to get a hole punch and punch a hole in them before you shrink them so that little wire will have a spot to be fed through.

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Shannon and Carey said...

Yeah to Shrinky Dinks! I vaguely remember doing this as a kid.
PS: Cant wait to see your spring line! (Im gettin' me one of those apron skirts)
-Shannon in Austin